Has life deserted the office?

What are we experiencing in the corporate world? Has life deserted the office? Have all people given up all idea of individual and collective development within the company?

I believe that one lever for real change in large organizations is to reactivate life at the core of the working community.

What does it mean? Beyond all, that leaders put a part of their energy in revitalizing the spirit of being together, weaving relationships in order to make happen a collective project that has meaning for all.

I recently asked thirty top executives to describe the key features they would expect from a leader today.

Leader features Unique Labs

The last words are very interesting: the linkage between vision and team alignment is built through inspiration as a means of connecting people together. Under such a leadership, communication has to do with creating warmth and trust. And respect and integrity prevail.

In this world, a different working life is made possible.

As a leader, how do you measure against these few metrics? 

Olivier Basso

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