Engagement at work: The four kernel questions about yourself

Most actions (surveys, measurement, motivational speeches…) regarding engagement focus on collective engagement.

Let’s talk about your personal engagement!

A friend of mine recently told me that she had developed the discipline of asking herself from time to time the 4 following questions :

  • Do I get some fun from what I am doing?
  • Do I learn something?
  • Do I feel being recognized and valued by others?
  • Do I feel that what I am doing has any meaning? Is in alignment with my own values?

Please take time and perform a sincere assessment of your current working situation: What are your true answers?  And how can you change something in the situation?

Chemin vert

These simple and powerful questions can lead you to consider new options and open new personal paths to a consistent and inspiring way of leading yourself and the others.



In search of a non fear-based strategy of change

When we look at different well-known theories of change such as Kotter’8 steps,  the major part of these ways of dealing with change begin with the crucial starting point:

How to initiate the desire for change? How to create a first move?

The answer is always: FEAR.

Let’s take the « burning platform » concept, the « if we don’t move, we will not survive… » The driver of the new behavior is supposed to be a stronger fright than the one that prevent us from changing… This is the emotional fuel the leader is supposed to provide to employees in order to provoke the decision to change effectively.

Is there room for a different kind of leadership? Can you inspire you people through a bright new vision?  Can joy, a positive energy,  be the driver?

Voyage Change lumiere

What do you think…what will you do next?

Olivier Basso